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What is GPportal?

Investor Portal Software

GPportal takes the investor portal to the next level, giving investment managers or their administrators a controlled CRM workflow that facilitates the Investor Portal. With its sleek design, investors can easily navigate the portal in a reliable and secure environment.
Investor Communications

Our Investor Portal has a clean interface, simple click-flow, and secure setup so that Investors can access capital notices, financial statements, and other documents with ease.

Marketing and Fundraising

Market your latest product in a branded and secure virtual data room. Transfer CRM data to your investor portal easily after the products are closed. 

Relationship Management

Advanced investor and contact record association capabilities in the GPportal CRM allow users to quickly see all of a record’s relationships and supporting documents in one place.

Internal Controls

Unlike traditional investor portals, workflow controls enhance your ability to control changes to PII, CRM data, and investor documents.  We keep it simple, but highly controlled.


In addition to various system generated workflow emails, auto-reminders can easily be scheduled ahead of time for communications that require investor action.

Mobile Access

Investors can easily access their critical documents from their mobile devices and can safely communicate with the firm from within the investor portal.

Security at Scale

Data security is our top priority. GPportal scales securely with your investor needs by leveraging the robust AWS S3 platform to encrypt your at-rest data using AES-256 - one of the strongest block ciphers available. AWS S3 maintains compliance programs, including PCI_DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, EU Data Protection Directive and FISMA, to help you meet regulatory requirements. GPportal complies with OWASP security principles, and the platform undergoes regular web vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. GPportal's technology infrastructure and internal processes are routinely audited by independent cybersecurity firms to ensure data is protected despite an evolving technology landscape.

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    Why GPportal?

    GPportal was launched in 2020 by GP Enterprise Solutions (GPES) and built from the ground up using cutting-edge programming languages to keep up with the ever-changing IT challenges that investment firms face. Envisioned by experienced fund administration professionals and executed by a world class development team, GPportal is an investor portal software that meets client needs.